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Golden Valley


St. Mathias Church, Golden Valley was built in 1876 and served as a Church of England infants school during the week.
It eventually closed at the end of Summer term 1973.
Here are just a few of the classes that attended the school during that time;

Golden Valley Infants School 1910

Unfortunately I have no other information for this picture.

Golden Valley Infants School 1932

Back Row Left to Right; D Edwards, V Ingram, C Holdon, Miss Hill

Third Row: A Waller, B Purdy, B Walters, B Caulton, C Gent, E Langton, R Holdon, K Dooley, ?, E Butt, J Burton.

Second Row: ?Jackson, M Inwood,  G Abel, D Palmer, M Butt, J Stuart, D Dooley.

Front Row; D Inwood, T Watson, R Clark, G Purdy, B King.

Golden Valley Infants School 1936

Back Row Left to Right; J Inwood, Miss Hill, K Gent

Third Row; A Stuart, T King, B King, I Hawkins, K Ashmore, ?, C Stuart, R Burton, ?.

Second Row; B Freeman, G Stuart, ?, ?, E Langton, G Edwards, R Hunt.

Front Row; C Palmer, ?, ?, C Dooley

Golden Valley Infants School 1927

Back Row Left to Right: Mrs Cocks, ?, Bernard Johnson, ?, ?, ?, ?, Olden, Winnie Able, Cladys Caurlton,?

Third Row; ?, ?, ?, ?, ?, Gilbert Ingram, Stan Hawkins

Second Row; ?, ?, ?, George Dooley, Alfe Walters, George Gent, Ray Stuart, A Gent, Watson.

Front Row; Rex Abel, ?,?, Roy Dooley, Bill Butt, Harry Langton, Marge Inwood, ?, ?, May Johnson

Golden Valley Infants School 1935

Back Row Left to Right; Miss Hill, T King, R Burton, A Stuart, C Dooley, J Inwood, ?, B King.

Second Row; J Brown, E Palmer, A Stuart, I Hawkins, J Waller, D Dooley, E Abel, B Harrison, J Poole.

Front Row; B Freeman, G Stuart, S Walters, C Stuart, K Ashmore, K Poole, M Blatherwick.

Golden Valley Infants School 1943_44

Mrs Miller                                                    Mrs Gent

Back Row left to Right: ? Ashmore, Jim Aldridge, Margaret Freeman, Alan Witcherley, ? Ashmore, ? Brown, Nev Freeman, Enid Crooks, Rosie Stuart, Ron Aldridge, Paul Birks, Dennis Patrick.

Front Row Left to Right: ? Powdrill, Edwin Brown, ? Brown, June Phillips, Josephine Gent, Freda Inwood, ?, Kev Stewart, Brian Bowers, Brian Ashmore, ?, Jeff Palmer.

Golden Valley Infants School 1956

Back Row Left to Right; Mrs D Miller, Elaine Ashmore, Roger Patrick, Phillip Owen, Russell Storer, 

Roy Ashmore, Dennis Storer, Jeremy Higgs, Miss 

Middle Row; Bernard Owen, Richard Woodwood, Alan?, Hilda Poundrill, Kenneth Bradley, Maureen Ball, 

Christine Leeke, Peter Heath, Susan Higgs, Jennifer Soar, Yvonne Leek.

Front Row; Chrispin Sisson, Jennifer Slack, Susan Holdon, Roy Woodward, Ruth Brewster, Judith?, 

Denise Warwick, Michael Kenmuir, Stephen Warwick, Susan Kenmuir.

Newlands Inn

Newlands Inn 1932: Note the door with curved stone steps (left hand side) bricked up about 1935.
Mr and Mrs Burton outside Newlands Inn circa 1935, just after Stone effect plaster had been applied to walls. 
Mr and Mrs Burton outside the Newlands Inn 1932, with their sons Roger (left and John (right).
Road Widening 1973 Newlands Inn opposite, Note the strengthening brick work that had previously been required on the old canal bridge to accommodate the weight of road traffic.
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